Things to Do to Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

Today would have been Dr. Seuss’s 108th birthday!   How will you celebrate with your kids?   Here are a few ideas!

    1. Go see the Lorax, which is in the theaters today.   I haven’t seen it yet, but my kids are begging to see it, so I’m sure we’ll be heading to the theater this weekend.
    2. Have a Dr. Seuss film festival at your house.   Some great choices are Horton Hears a Who, and Dr. Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat .
    3. Make one of these fun Dr. Seuss-themed crafts.
    4. Read a whole bunch of Dr. Seuss books as a family.
    5. Take a trip to your local library to enjoy the love of reading that Dr. Seuss has instilled in so many of us!

How will you celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday?

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