Using Bluebird by American Express for Everyday Expenses

Bluebird American Express

In my series about Bluebird by American Express, I’ve written about how it is great for budgeting for the holidays, how it works great for travel expenses, and how you can track your expenses with the online site and the iPhone app.  But how does Bluebird by American Express work for everyday expenses?

Bluebird definitely has some features that differentiate it from other debit/gift cards.  One of the main differences is the ability to pay bills through a bill pay service.  It’s easy to do – both online and through the app, and free (except for stop payment fees).  Bluebird also offers roadside assistance and purchase protection – something you can’t get from a standard debit or gift card.

Loading up the Bluebird card is very easy – I like using the app to make check deposits (it’s as easy as taking pictures of the front and back of your checks).  But you can also use direct deposit (which helps eliminate fees) or a debit card to add funds to your card.  Then, you can use it wherever American Express cards are accepted.  If you are paying someone who doesn’t have a credit card machine (like recently when I gave money to pool together for a class gift for my kids’ school), you can use bill pay, or send the funds electronically – even through the app.

Since you’ll always want to know exactly how much money you have in your account, you can download either the Bluebird Android or iPhone app, which tells you your balance and provides you with a listing of all of your transactions in one place.  If you don’t have a smartphone, you can do all of this on the Bluebird website.

Disclosure: This series of posts is sponsored by Bluebird by American Express.

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