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Using Hilton HHonors Points for Travel Goodies

Hilton New York

The Hilton New York Hotel, one of the more than 3,800 properties where you can earn Hilton HHonors points

Many travelers know about frequent flyer programs, but do you belong to a hotel rewards program?  Most hotel chains, including Hilton, offer programs where guests can earn points that can be used for free stays.  The Hilton HHonors program, which is currently celebrating 25 years of member loyalty with its 25 Days of Winning sweepstakes from October 1 – 25, 2012, also offers a shopping mall where guests can trade in points for lots of great items, including loads of products perfect for your next trip.  I put together my perfect travel wishlist of travel items – what are yours?

Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Kit – A fabulous camera is essential for a family vacation, and I’m a Nikon person.  This camera is a great starter DSLR, and you’ll be taking lots of great shots in just a few minutes.

Sony Projector HD Camcorder – While I take mostly photographs on our vacations, I love having a video camera too, to capture my kids’ entertaining moments.  This camera lets you show your home movies anywhere at any time.

Apple New iPad 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet Computer – I love bringing our iPads on vacation.  We load them up with apps for the kids as well as travel apps.

Powerbag Business Class Backpack -This checkpoint-friendly bag is a great way to carry your electronics on a flight without spending a while at security.

Nintendo 3DS XL 2 Game Bundle -We don’t actually have a Nintendo DS, but I think they are a great game system for families on the go!

Leapfrog Leapster Explorer – My kids love our Leapster Explorer – they have downloaded apps and have games

UNO H2O To Go Card Game – My whole family loves UNO, and I really like bringing games with us on vacation.

Zoobie Blanket Pets – These cuddly little pets are perfect for plane or car travel – they include a little blanket inside.

$50 Shutterfly Gift Card – Once you return home from your trip, you’ll want to print out all of those pictures you took.

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Win It!  What are your travel must-haves?  Let us know what your travel must haves are and enter to win a certificate for a free night’s stay at any of Hilton’s 3,900 properties (estimated value of $250).  Enter via the Rafflecopter.

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Disclosure: Hilton HHonors invited me to be a part of an HHonors Blogger Panel supporting the 25 Days of Winning sweepstakes, and I was compensated for my participation. All opinions and comments within my posts about the sweepstakes are my own.


  1. Kim T. @kimworld says:

    My cell phone and my iPad are my must have travel accessories. If my pre-schooler is with me, I must have a roll of painter’s tape to do a little impromptu childproofing.

  2. Travel must haves for me are simple: camera & comfortable shoes!!

  3. An SLR camera!!

  4. A video camera!

  5. Annemarie @Real Food, Real Deals says:

    Lots and lots of snacks!

  6. Lots of snacks and water is a must!

  7. Camera!

  8. I’m a cliche: the phone charger. MUST.

  9. my iphone (and charger)

  10. My travel must-haves are my phone charger and my Kindle!

  11. Gotta have my phone and a charger!

  12. Antibacterial wipes!

  13. My must-have travel item these days for me is the laptop for my son it’s my iPhone so he can play games or watch Disney Junior on-the-go.

  14. Chargers–I always forget them

  15. Annette D says:

    I’d like to visit NC to see family.

  16. Margaret Smith says:

    A laptop would be great.

  17. Melissa JN says:

    I want to go to France, England & Morocco!

  18. Doreen Kirby says:

    My cell phone in case of an emergency.

  19. Nicole L. says:

    First aid kit definitely.

  20. Ann Fantom says:

    My credit cards are a travel must have. I never leave home without them!

  21. Stephanie V. says:

    Italy but closer Hilton carlsbad, CA to take the kids to legoland

  22. robyn paris says:

    i want to go to nashville sooo bad

  23. going to new orleans is on my travel wish list.

  24. I’d like an Ipad to travel with. Two years ago, I went to Europe without any internet access, and I was lost.

  25. I am ready for a Florida Beach trip

  26. Tiffany Hearn says:

    A new camera, mine broke. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  27. an ipad is on my travel wishlist, so much lighter than taking my laptop!

  28. I would love new luggage.

  29. A trip to Portland and Seattle would be perfection.

  30. A laptop would really help!

  31. A night away from my worries.

  32. Christine says:

    lots of snacks

  33. I have “Rimowa Luggage’ on my travel wish list. It’s light-weight, virtually indestructible and comes in multiple colors.

  34. Cell phone, chargers, swimsuit.

  35. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i’d love an iphone

  36. My travel wish list destination is Hong Kong. My travel must haves are my phone and camera.

  37. Rachel Anderson says:

    A flip camera

  38. A night in Chicago!

  39. My must haves when traveling are charging devices for on the go, camera, extra tote bags, and snacks for the kids.

  40. Simple: my passport and husband. He is the one who takes the pictures. I am very low maintenance when it comes to getting out of town!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  41. Marcia Goss says:

    On my list is a trip to Hawaii.

  42. Erica Hemphill says:

    toms (comfy shoes) and iphone

  43. Shannon Baas says:

    a trip to germany.

  44. kelly nelson says:

    An underwater housing for my camera, so I can take amazing pictures while snorkeling!

  45. Leslie Rigsby says:

    We drive on most of our trips. I would need a cooler full of diet Dr. Pepper (for myself) and drinks for everyone else. We would need “car snacks” and wet ones. I would also need to bring my laptop. We would all need to bring books to read.

  46. Natalie U says:

    Shampoo and conditioner because the toiletries at the hotels are not very good
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  47. I have to have my iphone. It is my communication, my email, my camera, clock, gps and link to the internet.

  48. gigi (gina p) says:

    My ipad, my ipod, my cellphone, and leave-in conditioner!


    cell phone =)

  50. Kim Kihega says:

    I’d love to hit the beach!

  51. camera n my kids! :)

  52. I want to go back to Hawaii

  53. must haves – a couple of good books

  54. Kathy Rambousek says:

    I always bring my digital camera, and I’d love to add an IPad to the list.

  55. Sarah Davis says:

    Right now I really want to go to los Angeles and visit family.

  56. For my travel wishlist I’d like to go where history has taken place, Boston, Gettysburgh, etc. As for taking things with me would be a camera.

  57. A nice rolling suitcase, comfortable shoes & a great camera.

  58. A driver to drive my wife and me around to sight see

  59. My travel wish list would be to go visit my daughter in Pittsburgh PA and we never leave home without the GPS, cellphones and chargers because we would be lost in no time. haha. :)

  60. I really need a camera bag for my DSLR.

  61. paige chandler says:

    I want to travel to NYC and stay at the Waldorf Astoria.

  62. My travel must-haves would be my camera and my kids. Wouldn’t be a trip if I didn’t have all three. :) On the top of my travel wish-list would be a trip to Alaska!

  63. an iPhone

  64. Cindy Loo says:

    I’d love to go to Thailand!

  65. jessica edwards says:

    a wkend in savannah

  66. As an avid runner, my dream would be to run a marathon in Alaska.

  67. My wishlist is to visit my baby sister and hold my niece for the first time.

  68. Mary Happymommy says:

    An iPad!

  69. Jennifer Marie says:

    would love a new camcorder

  70. mickeyfan says:

    For travel, I want to have a good travel companion, plane tickets, and a few days of paid time off!

  71. I want to visit Napa Valley and Big Sur in California, many more of our national parks, and see more of the Florida coast.

  72. I would love some new clothes and luggage to carry them.

  73. Wanna go to New York , concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

  74. Richard H says:

    i’m a pilot, i need water and a lunch bag

  75. Suzanne B says:

    Book and a water bottle.

  76. Camera, iPod and my Kindle are my must-haves!

  77. renee walters says:

    I want to go to Hawaii

  78. New Orleans weekend with my husband!

  79. A tablet so I can entertain myself on the plane and update family without having to lug around a laptop.

  80. steve weber says:

    cell phone, laptop and of course some reading materials for the plane ride

  81. Money (extra in case of emergency), Camera, Phone & Food/Drinks!

  82. A DSLR for sure!

  83. Jeanette H. says:

    My travel wish list includes a trip to niagara falls and a trip to Pigeon Forge TN!!

  84. Would love to go to Las Vegas and Arizona!

  85. My travel wish list is to travel to the beaches on Lake Michigan

  86. I’d love to visit Disney :)


  87. I’m toting two kids so I’ve got to have a diaper bag packed FULL of all of their diapers, clothes, etc

  88. I would love a new camera!

  89. jennifer horn says:

    Would love to go back to Vegas!

  90. Christina Oddy says:

    I want to go back to Disney world and would love to trvel to England

  91. My travel musts are my iphone and some magazines. Comfy clothes and shoes are necessary too!

  92. a laptop is on my list

  93. Katherine says:

    My next stop would be Williamsburg VA

  94. Wendy Kroy says:

    notebook computer

  95. Ashley Hatten says:

    Hawaii is on my travel stop…when I’m traveling I can’t leave home without my laptop and phone of course!

  96. I would want to take a new kindle with me. Mine is on its way downhill

  97. Hand sanitizer and battery back up.

  98. i am with you on the Nikon camera. i would kill for one.

  99. I’d love a DSLR for travel!!

  100. Jen Haile says:

    I must have my cellphone and camera!

  101. camera, cell and makeup case!

  102. I could use new luggage.

  103. I would love to go to Hawaii!

  104. a good camera, water, snacks, lip gloss, hubby:)

  105. An ipad and a good neck pillow

  106. a set of new luggage

  107. Liz Newsome says:

    I want to go to Niagara Falls!

  108. On my travel wish list is a fabulous trip to Paris

  109. Amy Miller says:

    On my wishlist is a zoom lens for my camera. I want to go to NYC!

  110. venice

  111. I always bring my cell phone, a good book and my own pillow!

  112. My cell phone and my own pillow!

  113. New luggage and travel to the Seychelles Islands

  114. water and camera!

  115. Camera is the first thing I grab!

  116. An iPad would definitely be on my wishlist for sure! That way I could take pictures, have internet access, and read books from kindle without having to bring so many separate devices!

  117. kristy thiel says:

    a comfortable hotel room!

  118. Bora Bora is my awesome dream spot on my wish list

  119. I’d love a new camera to capture the memories.

  120. Heather Johnson says:

    Trip to Memphis

  121. San Francisco

  122. My wish list includes France and Austrailia

  123. A HD video camera.

  124. Stephanie Larison says:

    I’d love a new camera, the one I have now is horrible

  125. dani marie says:

    i would love a brand new camera.

  126. Lisa Sliwa says:

    My #1 travel must have is my iphone – it does everything and is ultra portable!

  127. Karen Gonyea says:

    I could use a nicer lens for my camera and a camera bag :)

  128. Kelly Stallings says:

    I’d love to visit LA!

  129. New luggage!

  130. I’d love a new camera and a trip to Slovenia.

  131. Hawaii and a camera are on my travel wish list!

  132. I always want to go to Santa Fe – every second I am not there, I wish I was.

  133. A trip to Vegas or Reno.

  134. Nicole D. says:

    I would love a Kindle to read while on the trip!

  135. Definitely my camera and extra memory cards for it

  136. My camera.

  137. Christle W says:


  138. I want to go back to Disneyworld.

  139. A good place to sleep

  140. Marjorie W says:

    This would be wonderfully useful- a wedding and several trips planned in the next year for my family.

  141. Linda Lansford says:

    I want to go to biloxi

  142. Theresa Clift says:

    Vegas baby! or somewhere in NASCAR country, two on my wish list at present.

  143. travel is a pleasure..all i want to do is travel

  144. I want to visit Portland Oregon to see family.

  145. Derk Thomas says:

    A smartphone for pictures and to browse the web and email.

  146. A castle tour!

  147. Jessica Vaughan Gengler says:

    go somewhere local for a nice evening with my hubby

  148. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I d love to go to Newport RI overnight.

  149. A Caribbean cruise!

  150. I have to have my hubby and the camera.

  151. Yellowstone towards the top of my trip list

  152. New luggage to take to Greece/Turkey

  153. Jennifer Speed says:

    an ipad or a any kind of tablet
    Soda Stream machine

  154. Washington DC is on my wish list.

  155. Chicago is on my list

  156. Dagmara Hawkins says:

    I would like to go to Paris

  157. My kindle laptop and phone

  158. Cell phone charger is a must have. A spa experience would be a wish.

  159. Theresa D says:

    Hawaii is on my travel list.

  160. I wish I had a week in Washington, D.C.

  161. Jessica Carnaggio says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Prague.

  162. Reanne Burnett says:

    My wishlist is for more time just about anywhere in Europe. I never travel without my backpack as a carryon… and earplugs. Thanks for the chance!

  163. camera! need one

  164. Stephanie O'Day says:

    My travel wish list includes Figi, Bora Bora, and Hawaii. Anywhere where my husband and I can just relax and get away from everything would be nice though. Being a newlywed is stressful and a getaway is just what we need !

  165. Debra Ford says:

    Costa Rica is on top of my wish list

  166. domestic diva says:

    A trip to Greece.

  167. Three items top my list.
    1) comfy, yet stylish, sneaks
    2) ipad or laptop so I can check out the to dos at my vacation destination and order tickets or make reservations online
    3) Pepto bismal for the consequences of my fun overindulging

  168. I’d love to spend more time in California.

  169. definitely spain

  170. A Canon Camera to take pictures… a DSLR is preferred and I’d love to have all the stuff I’d need to backpack successfully (pack, gear…etc) so I’ll be ready to stay in that fabulous hotel when I am done!

  171. Kathleen Downes says:

    An iPad is on my travel wish list.

  172. An SLR camera is on my travel wish list.

  173. I would love to TRAVEL to NYC.

  174. A new camera to take to Paris is on my travel wish list

  175. Lots and lots of cash

  176. Brittney House says:

    camera with lots and lots of film. I love taking pictures

  177. On my list are a camera and money, everything else you can buy when you get there

  178. Amy DeLong says:

    New Orleans

  179. keely hostetter says:

    the grand canyon

  180. tiffany lane says:


  181. Tanya Bartlett says:


  182. Vikki Billings says:

    I want to go to Las Vegas and Wyoming

  183. Michelle S says:

    My smartphone-I can do everything from it.

  184. I would love to go to Hawaii someday.


  185. Terry Cross says:

    Hawaii is on my wish list

  186. Sharon Whitaker says:

    Italy is on my travel wishlist. My husband and I are going there this summer to celebrate our 15th anniversary!

  187. Disneyland or Disneyworld.

  188. amy deeter says:

    i would love to go back to daytona beach

  189. Lyndsey R. says:

    I want to go to Hawaii someday.

    lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  190. Anywhere that will let me use my new passport :)

  191. a cruise :)

  192. Jennifer Peaslee says:

    Going back to the North East to see my and my husband’s family!

  193. Stephanie G says:

    My laptop, cash, camera, and snacks for the girls are on my list. My four beautiful little girls would top that list though!

  194. Comfy sandals, snacks, water, and cell phone

  195. I would love to go to Disney with my kids and of course a camera!

  196. Susan Smith says:

    I’d love to go to Hawaii

  197. have a birthday and anniversary on October 21 would be nice.

  198. shanta spradlin says:

    somewhere without my children

  199. A “staycation” here in Hawaii would be awesome.

  200. Visiting friends in New York

  201. Marie Darrer says:

    I have a huge list of places to visit….but first I need new luggage…LOL..I broke the handle on my roller bag…..

    Em Darr

  202. My travel wis is to get out of the country because I’ve never left before

  203. I’d like to go to the Galapagos Islands.

  204. carol lewis says:

    My pillow and my computer.

  205. carol lewis says:

    Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland.

  206. just my kids!!!

  207. Hawaii and Las Vegas are the two places that are on my wishlist.

  208. Carolyn Daley says:

    My mom and I are hoping to go to TN soon. Mom was suppose to go to Dollywood with her friend a couple of years ago, but they never met up. We are hoping to go to Dollywood next year.

  209. My kids want to go to New York – just to ride in a taxi!!!

  210. I would like to take my daughter to Washington DC. She really wants to see the museums.

  211. Beth Palacios says:

    A camera and good company! :-)

  212. Greece

  213. Saver Sara says:

    I’d love to go somewhere warm

  214. On my travel wish list is a new camera. :)

  215. Ireland, Scotland and the Galapagos.

  216. Lisa Garner says:

    Paris is on my travel wish list!

  217. Portable DVD player!

  218. The first thing on my travel wish list is a childproof travel bag

  219. hawaii! my husband is from there, and we have never been!

  220. jeannine s says:

    a camera and a baathingsuit

  221. San Franscisco to visit my sister!

    sandysaveseveryday AT gmail DOT com

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