Waterproof, Stain Proof Sack by Go Gaga Bags

Even though I am thankfully out of the diaper stage, there are still times where a waterproof, stain proof bag comes in handy.   From waterproofing my iPhone, camera, and video camera on water rides, to holding the kids swim suits, a bag like this is never unnecessary.

I just recently received a Go Gaga Stuff Sack from Go Gaga, a brand know for their fabulous diaper bags.   The Go Gaga Stuff Sack is machine washable, as well as waterproof and stain proof. Just toss in your items, then roll the top three times.   You can then buckle the top, and attach to a stroller, handbag, or diaper bag (or you can just hold it in your hand).

Go Gaga bags are available in several colors, including black, olive, grey geometric, or olive geometric.

To learn more about Go Gaga Stuff Sacks, visit their website.

Disclosure: I received a Go Gaga Stuff Sack at no cost for review.


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