We Made It!

When this week started, I knew it would be a stretch to get everything on my “to do” list done for the week.  I had at least 50 hours worth of work to do for the week, and with only 3 1/2 days of school for my kids, I’d be working 12 hour days for sure.  I had two parent-teacher conferences.  It was American Education week, so I was invited to the classrooms for an hour each.  I had just returned from Dallas for the Family Travel Conference, so I was already behind on work, and with our trip to Walt Disney World coming up this week, I had to do as much as I could in advance too.

The world conspired to make this the most stressful work-related week in my work-at-home mommy career.

First, a company I was working with for a sponsored post gave me a 48-hour deadline to get a post done.  Then, they decided to rethink that, and asked for the post ASAP.

Also, we are having our deck redone, and the guys doing it need lots of hand holding – I have to be home when they arrive, and have to try to get work done while holding back the dog every time they come into the house.  It’s hard to get work done with banging and barking going on, but I can’t go somewhere else to work either.

I held it together until Friday.  On Thursday night, during a routine lice check on my daughter, I found lice.  I had to keep her home on Friday, and ended up calling the Lice Aunties to come deal with it since we were going on vacation and needed to get the problem fully resolved.  During their check of my head, they found lice on me too.  So, we spent three hours having our heads treated and combed.  Then, I had to do at least ten loads of laundry – sheets, stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, jackets, clothing, etc.  I had to boil all of our combs and brushes.

I had to reschedule conference calls and desperately try to push out sponsors for posts that needed to get done but wouldn’t get done.

Then, I got an email from that sponsor that required that emergency post on Wednesday.  They wanted me to add 400% more content to the draft – by Sunday.  “Unfortunately there cannot be any extensions.”

I had lice treatment in my hair, our family was getting on a flight in 48 hours,  I had over ten loads of laundry to do, I had a freaked-out little girl at home.  I burst into tears – something that RARELY happens with me.

That’s a story for another day, but let’s just say that the pressure that had been mounting all week exploded.  I was worried that we wouldn’t get on our flight, because there was just SO MUCH to do.

But we’re here!  I’m writing this from our flight (yay for in-flight WiFi), and will just have to do some of my freelance work from the hotel if I can’t get it done this morning.  My daughter and I are hopefully lice free thanks for the Lice Aunties (and the $460 it cost us!).

While I’m on this trip, I have to rethink my business strategy.  I got into blogging and social media for the flexibility and the fun, but it’s no longer flexible and it’s no longer fun.  I need to be there for my children, not sobbing because I’ve been sent a brand-new contract from a sponsor with more requirements than the contract I already signed and a deadline of NOW.

Stay tuned.


  1. says

    You’re the most incredibly successful work at home mom I’ve ever met, and you still manage to be completely hands on when it comes to your kids (which is how you got lice in the first place!). I hope you get to enjoy a blissful vacation, that gives you a new peace and a new direction when you get home :-)

  2. Nancy says

    Jodi, if you’re spending $460 on lice treatment, why not get a cleaning woman for the laundry once a week, or call someone in to help? I”ll say one thing for WOHM – you leave the office, you leave the work. I think WAH is held out as this Holy Grail, but it seems like it is the same work, with the challenge (and difficulty concentrating) of dogs/kids/etc., all while not having cleaning services (because, hey, you’re home), and all while your project “bosses” figure you’re at home with oodles of free time.

    The solution is either: getting some space outside of your house to get work done, admit that you could use help during crunch periods and seek it, or giving up some projects or giving up some travel (or a bit of all of the above).

    There is no such thing as “balance”, either as WAH or WOH. What I have discovered is that it is being able to manage as the pendulum swings from one side to the other. You are a strong woman, and admitting frustration, even tears – that’s normal. You don’t want your daughter thinking she has to be Superwoman and be embarrassed if she CAN’T do it all, you know?

    stay strong,

    • says

      So true Nancy! I do have cleaners (leftover from my full-time work days and I couldn’t give it up), but they come on Tuesdays and couldn’t give up all of their Friday work to come over and do our lice-emergency laundry. Amy mentioned that these lice companies should also do the laundry and she is SO right.

      But I do have to finally stop calling myself a stay at home mom – I am working a ridiculous amount of hours.

  3. says

    I really hope this vacation gives you and your family a chance to reconnect. When you get home you’ll be relaxed and have renewed energy (or a new plan) to charge forward into the holidays :)

    (Lice-free, of course)

  4. says

    Oh Jodi, hugs! With great struggle there is greater reward! Maybe this came at a perfect time for you to evaluate where you’re at and what you want to do going forward.

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