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My youngest son is on the road to learning how to read. This time around, I’m finding the process much less stressful and far more fun than I did with my oldest. My little boy loves practicing his letters, working on “˜homework,’ and filling out worksheets. However it’s not always easy finding activities that are both educational and fun for both of us. Recently when given an opportunity to test drive the Pre-K Scholars 22 week Kindergarten Readiness Kit, my son jumped headfirst into it. He loves Professor Pre-K and all of the fun (letter-based) friends he’s met along the way.

The Pre-K Scholars program allows you to work at your own pace or in week-long increments. Each letter has a short interactive video that introduces the letter, the letter friend, and the sound. The child can then play a small guessing game of words beginning with the week’s letter and then there are various printable activities to help the child learn and practice writing, addition, patterns, and other skills. The DVD-rom also comes with other exercises that help parents teach other school readiness skills like how to grip a pencil and uses scissors properly. The best part of the program is that supplies should be ones you already have on hand. All you really need is paper, ink for your printer, pencils, and your child’s favorite art supplies, like stickers, scissors, and crayons.

My son is really enjoying the program. He loves completing the activities and proudly shows his progress by placing letter stickers on the included Scholarville poster. It’s neat to hear him practicing his letter sounds and the modeled motions even when we’re not working on the program. The simple activities have helped him to generalize the lessons across our regular day-to-day life.

Pre-K Scholars also has an iPhone/iPad app currently on sale for .99 and available for download here. You can learn more about the program here at Until December 25, you’ll receive 25% off all products.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the Pre K Scholars DVD program for review.   Also, Jodi is a consultant for Pre K Scholars but did not participate in this review.  

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